Concentrated Tabs


Soap Tabs -Concentrated Honey Clementine, Wild Lavender or Vanilla Coconut, Sweet Citrus, Unscented, Bergamot & Lime Foaming Hand Soap Tablets. Each tablet can be dropped into 250ml of water to produce a beautiful moisturizing foaming hand soap.  ** ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH FOAMING HAND SOAP DISPENSERS**

Ingredients: Citric acid*, sodium benzoate, sodium dodecyl sulfate*, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl glutamate*, glycerin*, disodium EDTA (salt derivative), polyethylene glycol, fragrance* (* plant-based)

Multi-purposes Cleaner Tabs – Concentrated Sweet Citrus Multi-Purpose Refill Tablets. Each tablet can be dropped into 500ml of water to produce a beautifully scented multipurpose spray. The color of the tab is pinky-red and when placed in the water creates a beautiful dark pink color

Bathroom Cleaner Tab – Concentrated and powered with enzymes to clean your bathroom to a sparkle

Refill Cleaning Starter Kits – This kit includes: 2 Glass foaming  soap dispensers -1 Glass spray bottle  – 1 Honey Clementine foaming hand soap tablet  – 1 Vanilla Coconut foaming hand soap tablet  -1 Sweet Citrus Multipurpose Spray tablet

Buy this kit once, have your bottles forever and purchase tablets to refill

Nature Bee Clean Tabs – Vancouver Island Company

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Concentrated Tabs

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