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Myni Canada has created concentrated tabs to accompany their spray and pump bottles made from natural wheat straw. It’s a simple alternative to plastic! Bottles are durable yet biodegradable at the end of life.
Choose from foaming hand soap tabs (add to 500 ml water), glass cleaner, degreaser and all purpose cleaner (add to 750 ml water).

Granite & Stone Tabs: Discover our new environmentally friendly cleaner for natural stone, which preserves the authentic beauty of surfaces, while removing impurities without toxic products. The simplicity of a tablet provides sparkling cleanliness, preserving the delicate nature of stones.

Floor Cleaner: Simply dissolve one tablet in 4 liters of water for a powerful formula suitable for delicate surfaces such vinyl, ceramic, parquet and more. Simplify your cleaning routine with our eco-friendly solution, combining effectiveness and responsibility. This pouch contains 20 cleaning tablets

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Spray Bottle, Spray Bottle w/Tab, Degreaser, Glass Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, Foaming Hand Soap, Foaming Bottle, Stone & Quartz Cleaner, Floor Cleaner