Honr. Lab Refreshing Toner




*This product is being discontinued due to business closing. Limited stock available.

A gentle, alcohol-free blend of vitamins and botanicals create a youthful, bright and balanced complexion. Prepares skin for hydration. Skin feels Refreshed, balanced, smooth.

60 ml amber spray bottle. Refills available in-store only for facial care products. $22 per 60 ml

Key ingredients: Enhance beauty with Rose and Neroli, calm irritations with Aloe Vera, freshen up with Green Tea and Cucumber. Restore brightness with Licorice Root while Niacinamide and Panthenol (B vitamins) create irresistibly soft skin.

Honr.’s formulations are backed by science and made right here in Canada. They use vegan, cruelty free and natural ingredients that have a low impact on our water systems and our planet. Each product contains a variety of vitamins, botanicals and fruit extracts to create effective, clean skincare suitable for all skin types.

Kelowna, BC Company

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60 ml Amber Spray Bottle, $.36 per ml bulk in-store only