Gummy Vitamins – Herbaland


Herbaland Gummy Vitamins – Richmond BC – Sold per 100 g (approx 45 gummies)

Made with ethically-sourced premium ingredients. Produced in-house with our unique eco-friendly molding process. Made in Canada for everyone, including people with diverse dietary needs and preferences. Natural, plant-based vitamins and nutrients. Made with nutritious, plant-based and NON-GMO ingredients of the highest quality. Link to ingredients and dosage is here.

  • Adult Multi
  • Kids Multi
  • Adult Calcium, K2, D3
  • Kids Calcium, D3
  • Adults Omega 3
  • Kids Omega 3
  • Vitamin C (kids & adults)
  • Electrolyte (adults)
  • Sleep Max (adults)
  • Vegan Collagen Booster (adults)
  • Vegan D3 and B12 (adults)

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Adult Multi, Kids Multi, Adult Calcium, K2, D3, Kids Calcium, D3, Adults Omega 3, Kids Omega 3, Vitamin C (kids or adults), Electrolyte (adults), Sleep Max (adults) , Vegan Collagen Booster, Kids Immune, D3 and B12, Vitamin Compostable Bag