Cordial Drink Mix


Frost Bites Syrup Co.  -Made in Squamish BC, with as local as possible quality fruits and ingredients.

12-24 month shelf life, glass bottle.



FrostBites Cordial Mix -Made in Squamish BC, with as local as possible quality fruits and ingredients.

Hibiscus & Lemon – A mix of Egyptian + Mexican hibiscus flowers to add a depth of floral, tart, earthy notes, only to be brightened up by lots of fresh lemon juice. When mixed with soda water this cordial makes a lovely sparkling pink lemonade. It pairs well with tequila in making margaritas, or try a splash in gin on a hot summers day. This is our shave ice show stopper, in colour and taste! Ingredients: water, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, organic hibiscus flowers

Rhubarb Strawberry: Nothing tastes like summer more, than this classic combo. We definitely hear ‘it tastes just like pie” more often than not, which is why this is one of our favourites to drink. We source our rhubarb from a family farm in the Pemberton Valley. Tart rhubarb balanced out with juicy sweet strawberries, this cordial is great as a soda, a mixer with vodka and gin, and is fantastic over vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients: rhubarb, water, strawberries, organic cane sugar, strawberry puree, lime juice, citric acid

Raspberry Vanilla: Deliciously fruity, with vanilla notes. Lush, tart, raspberries are given a decadent twist with bourbon vanilla beans, that when made into a soda, is reminiscent of a creamcicle. This cordial is our go to as a dessert sauce, and in dessert making, such as pavlovas, jelly rolls and trifles, or for making sexy vodka flips.
Ingredients: raspberries, water, cane sugar, raspberry puree, lime juice, bourbon vanilla beans, citric acid

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Hibiscus Lemon, Raspberry Vanilla, Rhubarb Strawberry, Mango Passionfruit, Key Lime Mint, Hula Hula (small)