Coffee – Hearth and Hinterland






Roasted to perfection right here in Prince George, Hearth & Hinterland’s blends are smooth and full of flavor. 340 g bag – whole bean

Organic Peru Norte -Taste: This quality dark roasted organic coffee is smooth all the way through, with hints of chocolate, molasses, apple, and citric acidity (dark)

Ethiopia Sheka – Taste: This quality medium roasted coffee has milk chocolate, watermelon, caramel, and strawberry hints. Shade grown and bird friendly. (medium)

Papua New Guinea – Taste: This light roasted organic coffee makes a nice clean and bright cup with sweet hints of chocolate, citrus, and earthy notes (light)

Pair it with a reusable coffee filter for a perfect gift.

Swiss Water Decaf Organic Peru –Taste: Top notch medium roasted decaf for those who want great tasting coffee and only that. Moderate acidity, cocoa aroma and almond finish. Decaffeination Process: Swiss Water Process


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Papua New Guinea (light), Ethiopia Sheka (medium), Organic Peru Norte (dark), Seasonal Size Medium Roast, Seasonal Size Dark Roast, Decaf

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