Cedar Sage Shower Gel


ONEKA – Made in Canada – Cedar & Sage Shower Gel – $2.35 per 100 ml bulk in-store.

The invigorating scent of our Cedar & Sage Shower Gel is an invitation to a sensory escape, making shower time a delightful ritual for body and soul, naturally.

Besides its amazing aroma, our Cedar & Sage Shower Gel delivers the purifying properties of cedar and helps soothe the skin. Our cedar-based shower gel promotes healthier, more beautiful-looking skin.

Our plant-based formula also includes extracts of burdock root, nettle leaves, and hemlock needles which will naturally invigorate your skin daily.  Also present: Calendula, a plant that actively hydrates skin and protects it from daily external aggressions such as dust and air pollution.


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450 ml Deposit Jar, 450 ml Returning Deposit Jar, 900 ml Deposit Jar, 900 ml Returning Deposit Jar, $2.35 per 100 ml Bulk In-Store Only