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  • toilet bowl cleaner strips

    Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips


    Eco-friendly, zero-waste and will leave your toilet sparkling clean. Gone are the plastic containers of the past! Enjoy these lightweight toilet bowl cleaner sheets that are small & easy to use. Powerful clean on the toughest stains Say goodbye to limescale & odours Makes toilet bowl stains disappear Scented with essential oils only (Eucalyptus &…

  • Wood toilet brush with standtoilet brush stand dimensions

    Toilet Brush and Stand


    Finally, a plastic-free, zero-waste, totally biodegradable toilet brush and stand! Made using plant-fibre bristles and untreated beechwood.

    Purchase the brush with matching beechwood stand and terra cotta ceramic drip dish or just the toilet brush. Keep the stand for a lifetime and replace the brush as needed.

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