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  • carina organics toner

    Facial Toner – Carina Organics


    A synthetic free, non-comedogenic, alcohol free toner formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, and fruit extracts. This nutrient rich toner restores moisture to the skin and combats bacteria using active organic ingredients.

  • Emerald Earth Skin Care

    Facial Toner Rose and Lavender


    A floral, skin loving combination of Rose, Lavender and Rosemary make this toner a unique experience for the senses. A refreshing spritz cleanses, cools, and hydrates the skin, while the divine aromas of Lavender and Rose will leave your skin smelling like you just returned from a day at the spa. Naturally balancing ingredients, rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins, help to cleanse and tighten your pores, for a fresh and radiant complexion. Suitable for sensitive, mature, or dry skin, and effective on skin prone to acne and rosacea, this toner is a great addition for a healthy skin care regimen.

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