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  • attitude deodorant

    Attitude Deodorant Stick


    Take your skincare to the next level with this new line of leaves bar™ deodorants. Designed to tackle the plastic crisis, our solid bars are neatly packaged in a biodegradable cardboard tube, so you can care for your underarms while caring for Mother Nature. Sage & Rosemary or Sandlewood Solid Deodorant enriched with plant and…

  • crystal deodorant

    Crystal – Deodorant


    A completely natural product, crystal deodorant is a mineral compound made up of alum and potassium crystals. It works by creating a salt barrier under the arms, thus preventing the growth of bacteria which causes body odour while still allowing the body to breathe and perspire naturally.

    Why cork? The packaging of this product is made entirely of cork, a renewable and sustainable resource. Each year, cork oak forests absorb up to 14 million tons of CO2. On average, cork oak trees have a lifespan of more than 200 years—that means that cork oaks become massive carbon absorbers, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while also making a significant contribution to the quality of the air we breathe. With every purchase of a cork product, you are helping to ensure that more planting and harvesting of cork oak trees will occur, creating a cycle that is healthy for the environment and our planet.

  • no pong

    No Pong Deodorant


    No Pong is an extremely effective, award winning natural deodorant, made from a blend of all natural, delicious ingredients.

    Originally designed by an Aussie and a Canuck, our all Canadian No Pong is made with love in Canada. Our long lasting formula’s are designed to work on all kinds of underarms, all genders, and even teens!

    “Pong” is Aussie slang for a really bad smell, and No Pong is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin.

    Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Corn Starch, Beeswax, and a proprietary blend of 100% pure, Canadian certified organic essential oils consisting of Lemongrass Organic, Orange Sweet Organic, Vanilla Oleoresin (4 fold) Organic, Cedarwood Organic, and Geranium Organic, that together give No Pong its fresh, gender-neutral smell.

    *No Pong is Palm Oil Free

  • Routine – Jar


    Routine Natural Deodorant -Take control of your routine with the amount you apply and the added benefit of a lymphatic massage each time you touch your armpits. One 58g jar of this life-changing goodness lasts 3 to 6 months with regular application. These sweet babies have also diverted over 1 million plastic sticks from landfills! Exchange your empty jar for a full repurposed jar full of Sexy Sadie, Superstar or Curator or select from a variety of fresh scents in original, new packaging.

  • Routine Natural Deodorant Sticks

    Routine – Mini 5g


    CONFIDENCE IN A JAR. The life-changing legend, in an adorable Minis Kit. Discover why over 1 million formerly stinky people have been converted to routine – a deodorant that is not only natural, but more effective than conventional. Fun, versatile, and refillable, these life-changers will second as your signature scent. These minis are perfect for…

  • Routine Natural Deodorant Sticks

    Routine – Sticks


    These 100% post consumer recycled cardboard and twist up plastic tubes are for those of you reluctant to massage your armpits with the routine cream formulas.

    Sexy Sadie – Ylang Ylang, Vanilla & Cinnamon

    The Curator – Eucalyptus, Cocoa & Rose Geranium (fresh with a strong cocoa finish)

    Superstar – Charcoal, magnesium, prebiotics – Tonka, Sage & Pepper

    Blackberry Betty – Blackberry & Vanilla

    Johnny’s Cash – Cedarwood & Pine

    Moon Sisters – Neroli, Rose & Lavender

    Cat Lady – Coconut, pineapple, vanilla, cocoa

    Dirty Hipster – Patchouli, Patchouley & Patchoulé

    Made in Calgary – Link to Routine Website

  • underarm detox bar soap

    Underarm Detox Bar


    Detox those pits. Switching from an aluminum antiperspirant and want to clean out your underarm pores? This bar will gently exfoliate and help you transition from aluminum-based antiperspirants to a natural deodorant or general detoxifying. Each bar will be slightly different in shape and size. Mini size is 0.9 oz, Full size is 4.25 oz net weight. How…

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