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  • long handle body brushbody brush

    Body Brush


    Bamboo and Natural Bristle

    Designed to reach even those hard-to-get-to-spots, our densely packed natural bristle brush can be used to exfoliate before the shower, or to clean and massage in the bath or shower. Has silicon suction or fabric loop for hanging.

    Canadian Company

  • cat brush

    Cat Brush


    Cat Brush – Solid, quality made with stainless steel bristles and natural rubber with a bamboo handle.


  • bamboo cleaning brush

    Cleaning Brush


    Multi-Purpose bamboo cleaning brush with soft and abrasive side. Wonderful for cleaning grout and floors.



  • Dish Brush


    Dish Brush with replaceable head

    Beech wood handle, sisal bristles, no packaging.

    Great with a bar dish soap.

  • bamboo two sided dog brush

    Dog Brush


    Two-sided bamboo dog brush with sisal bristles on one side and wire on the other side. Great for large breed dogs.

  • Hair Brush

    Hair Brush


    Untangles and massages. Wooden pegs and capped bristles glide through locks, distributing natural hair oils and styling products to those hard-to-reach ends.

    • High-performance brush.
    • All-natural.
    • Anti-static.
    • Suitable for long, curly, and thick hair.

    Urban Spa – Canada

  • bamboo hairbrush



    Bambo hairbrush, natural rubber and bamboo – home compostable. Great for all hair types

    Wheat straw – a naturally grown, renewable resource biodegradable in 6-9 months

  • mushroom brush

    Mushroom Brush


    This Dexam Wooden Mushroom Brush has long, soft bristles to easily clean mushrooms without bruising them Made in United Kingdom

  • Nail Brush


    Bamboo and natural bristle

    The elegant curve of this classic nail brush sits perfectly in the palm of your hand to clean around and under your nails and exfoliate overgrown cuticles. Best used on damp skin.

    Canadian Company

  • oval ring wooden brushoval wooden multi use brush

    Oval Ring Wooden Brush


    An essential addition to any green kitchen. The uses for this wooden oval ring brush are limitless.  Use it to clean your veggies, fruits, dishes or anything else.

    Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip. This beech wood and sisal brush is made from natural materials and fully biodegradable.

    • sisal bristles and wooden handle make this item 100% biodegradable
    • great for washing veggies and fruits
    • ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable grip
    • item comes without any packaging

    Measurements: handle: 4″ x 2.5″ (outside), 3 7/8″ x 1 3/4″ (inside)
    overall height (including bristles): 3 3/4

  • Scalp Massager – Wheat Straw


    Time for a little self care moment. Our scalp massager brushes are perfect to stimulate your scalp and provide and gentle yet effective scalp massage in or out of the shower or bath.

  • Wood toilet brush with standtoilet brush stand dimensions

    Toilet Brush and Stand


    Finally, a plastic-free, zero-waste, totally biodegradable toilet brush and stand! Made using plant-fibre bristles and untreated beechwood.

    Purchase the brush with matching beechwood stand and terra cotta ceramic drip dish or just the toilet brush. Keep the stand for a lifetime and replace the brush as needed.

  • Bottle Brush


    EcoCoconut Bottle Brush – Bend the brush as you need to reach those awkward unreachable spots. The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk’s and the handles are made from wood, all packaging is plastic free including tape and labels.

    Plantish Bottle Brush – Regular Length – a natural and multipurpose brush for cleaning glasses, cups, dishes and hard-to-reach spots. Features coconut fibre: coconut husk is naturally oil-resistant without any chemicals, plastic, or BPA. Non-scratch: safe for use with cast iron or stainless steel cookware easy to hold and to hang: non-slip, compact design conforms to the contour of palm; hanging loop to air dry when not in use Direction  scrub glasses, cups, dishes and hard-to-reach spots with dish soap as needed

    Flower Pot Brush- A sturdy brush for effortlessly removing the remnants of old soil from your flowerpots.

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