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  • rescue remedy

    Bach Rescue Remedy


    Whether it’s a frustrating commute, approaching exams, a difficult day at the office, or the demands of a busy family life, keep on top of your busy day with Rescue®

  • banneton bread basket

    Banneton Bread Basket


    Banneton baskets retain and absorb warmth, provide a consistent shape and texture, and ensure the formation of a healthy crust by controlling moisture conditions on the surface of the dough. Also great for use as bread baskets for serving bread and dinner rolls, these bannetons are made from 100% natural cane and are secured with…

  • lucky pheasant chocolate

    Chocolate Bar – Lucky Pheasant


    Hand crafted in Grand Forks BC – small batch using the best quality ingredients for a rich, savory experience. Packaging is 100% compostable.

  • cocktail bomb

    Cocktail Bomb


    Get ready for some fun drinks! Fun and delicious cocktail mixers. No need to buy cocktail ingredients and no need for a bartender! Handmade in Canada, simple ingredients and sustainable packaging. Gift Box of four our or sold in singles – Makes a great, unique gift. Mimosa, Frosted Cranberry, Moscow Mule, Chocolate Bomb    

  • locally roasted coffee

    Coffee – Hearth and Hinterland




  • locally grown oyster mushrooms dehydrated

    Dehydrated Gourmet Mushrooms


    PG Urban Shroomery is a local mushroom growery located in the heart of Prince George. Mixed Oysters – 30g gram bag (was 1 pound of mushrooms) Use approx 2 cups of hot water or broth to rehydrate mushrooms

  • Honey Dipper

    Honey Dipper


    This bamboo honey dipper is sleek and modern, perfectly fitting in the palm of your hand. Made from USDA certified organic bamboo, each dipper is hand-burnished. Size: 6’’ bamboo honey dipper Packaging free, UPC sticker included USDA Certified Organic USDA Certified Biobased Lightweight and more durable than wood. Made without glues or lacquers Won’t scratch…

  • bush berry tea

    Loose Leaf Tea – Bush Berry


    Bush Berry Teas from Nakusp BC – Biodegradable Packaging Gun Powder Tea -Living up to its name, for resembling gunpowder, this bold and lightly smoky tea is made from Chinese tea leaves and sprouts, which are rolled into small round pellets to preserve freshness and flavour. This mighty tea will whisk you away and help…

  • lime paletasfrozen fruit bar

    Rico ‘n Lalo Frozen Paletas


    Rico ‘n Lalo Paletas are a traditional Mexican frozen bar, made with fresh fruit in an artisan fashion. They are popularly sold in the streets of Mexico and many countries in South-America, offering a delicious, low calorie and low sugar treat for all ages. When Lalo immigrated to Vancouver with his family, he found himself…

  • simply gum

    Simply Gum / Mints


    The founder, Caron, started Simply in 2014 after she discovered that regular chewing gum was made of a synthetic plastic base. She started making batches of gum in her apartment using a tree sap (chicle) base & sold the first Simply Gum products in stores throughout NYC. As Simply continues to expand, they bring a…

  • bamboo spreader

    Spreader Knife


    Each spreader is crafted from a single piece of USDA organic bamboo and hand-burnished to a naturally smooth finish. Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, these bamboo spreaders are great for serving up everything from spreads to dips. 5″ spreader Packaging free, UPC included USDA Certified Organic USDA Certified Biobased Lightweight and more durable…

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