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Homespun Refillery, established August 2020, was born out of the desire to reduce common household waste and embrace products that do less harm to our health and environment.

My hope is to inspire others to make a few small choices that collectively, can make a huge impact. Every year, thousands of tonnes of plastics end up in our watersheds, landfills and processed at recycling depots. Think of the impact if everyone only purchased one plastic cleaning bottle and used it for the next five years or better yet, used glass.

I opened Homespun Refillery to share my passion for sustainable goods that do more good than harm on our one and only earth and reduce the amount of common household product packaging, waste and reduce single use containers by refilling them instead.

Thank you for supporting Homepun in hopes to make a difference one refill and sustainable product at a time.

Our Story

Our Commitment

At Homespun we don’t claim to be zero waste or perfect, but we do strive to reduce product and packaging waste while supporting environmentally responsible brands based on these values: