Living a waste less lifestyle does not have to be complicated. Implementing more mindfulness into your shopping routines will greatly ease any discomfort and growing pains. Here are three things to implement today to jump start your low waste journey.

  1. Take inventory. Take a good look in every cupboard, pantry and compile duplicate products and consolidate them into one place. Put all shampoo bottles in one bathroom and let everyone know where to find them for example.
  2. Use what you have first. It is so tempting to want to toss all of your disposable razors, or unused products and buy a safety razor and make the switch to glass product dispensers. You may be surprised how much product or items you have hiding. Plastics are meant to last a lifetime, so please consider using them as long as you possibly can before they hit the recycling or landfill.
  3. Plan ahead. As you run low on products be sure to create a list. The next time you shop, or online shop at Homespun Refillery (wink, wink) only purchase what is on your list, don’t be tempted by sales and buying multiples.

Stay tuned for more tips on starting your journey to more waste-less lifestyle – assessing your household waste and and recycling habits.

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